Sunday, March 1, 2009

Is Spring Really Coming Soon?

Well everyone, it's been another long time between posts. 

 I've been struggling the last few weeks to keep an upbeat attitude.  I've been continuing on my list journey, mostly with # 78.  I read when I need a break from real life.   The problems of literary characters sweep me away from the seemingly endless trials, troubles, and annoyances in my own life.   I know that that isn't healthy.  So, I've also been trying to write some things out in my journal.  

Add to my ennui a cold shared with my husband for almost 2 weeks, a crack in a windshield, and the pressure of making the house presentable to in-laws, and I'm fried.  I'm also fighting to accept people as they are, and fighting against myself and my Charlie Brown football tendencies.  I know that I will always always always run for the ball, for that great kick.  It's worth the times flying through the air for the times I make contact.

Anyhoo.  I will be back in a few days, hopefully well-rested and with a clear head, to fully update you on my progress.  


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