Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year, New Update!

I've been hesitant to write this, because when I was going over my 101 list it seemed like I hadn't done much of anything. No progress or anything. But then, I remembered that it's a list of things that I want to TRY to do- not a list of things that I need to do every day. Besides, by the time I had finished reading the list, I did find a few things that I've accomplished.

So, here we go!

2. Asking for help... this is tough. Sometimes, I think it's easier to just do things rather than asking someone to help me do them. So, I'll give myself 50% on this one.

3. Relaxing? Nope. Well, kind of right now. But since I'm doing something off of my to-do list, does it count?

4. I was afraid of getting a flu shot this year. I don't know why. But, I did make sure Mr. G (my son) got one.

18. 71,360/100,000 grains of rice donated. And I'm getting smarter too!

25. I did write a love letter to my husband! It was a little sappy, but mostly it stayed true to what I would really say to him.

26. Another year, some more animals headed out into the world via WorldVision. Last year, we donated 6 ducks. This year, we were able to give a little more and we donated 13 small farm animals. Not only do the animals provide a source of year-round food, but families can sell the extra eggs and offspring to purchase things they can't grow themselves. It feels really good to help.

49. I dressed up for Halloween this year! We were going to go trick-or-treating with the baby group we're a part of, but it was really cold. So, we had a small Halloween party instead! My little guy went as a puppy, and I was Frida Kahlo. Delightful! I didn't have to buy anything for my costume, I just threw it together!

58. I've been taking a LOT of pictures, and we've actually managed to get a few nice family shots too.

75. I've had some interesting luck as far as meeting famous people goes... living near the Green Bay, Wisconsin area, I've had a few run-ins with some of the Packers lately... once, almost a literal run-in when I almost ran into Aaron Rodgers while he was jaywalking from the Don Hutson center over to Lambeau. The important thing is that I DIDN'T hit him. :) I also (that same day) was at the mall in Green Bay and stumbled across a fashion show hosted by Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina from Glee). And finally, one of the retired Packers came and had breakfast at my family's restaurant a few months ago. Good times.

79. We went to most of a MLB game. The little man freaked out after the Brewers hit two homers in a row (followed by fireworks), so we ended up leaving at the end of the 5th inning. It was still fun while we were there... and while the tiny man wasn't screaming. 


98. Another thing that makes a person feel good? Telling someone that you are thankful for the things they have done for you. Even little things, that might not mean much to anyone else. I wrote a letter to a former teacher and it was a good thing to do.

101. The last update for today- we got a video camera! For free! 

Thanks for reading! 

Happy 2013!