Monday, April 13, 2009

Let's Update This Bad Boy...

Alright, wonderful and hopefully patient readers...   I've got a lot of things to update, so here goes. 

9. In progress!!  I've had my eye exam, and the new glasses will be here before the end of the month.  It's especially exciting, since my current pair of glasses broke in November.  I managed to, for lack of a better term, "honkey-rig" them with my incredible resining skills and they have been usable, but the left lens is totally crooked and I look insane in pictures.  So, can't wait for the new ones!  I'm also going to be trying contacts sometime soon.  I have a bit of a problem sticking things in my eyes, but everything can be overcome, right?  I'll be posting a new picture soon with my pretty new frames.

18. So far, I've donated 150,000 grains of rice.  It's tough.  Not so much the questions, but the sheer volume of them that I have to answer correctly!  I enjoy learning new things, and have been having a lot of fun with the Famous Paintings subject since I spent some time recently at the National Gallery in a certain big city on my list...

20. Ah, donating blood.  Remember the first time I tried in January?  The fun and excitement of an un-anchored vein?  Well, this time, my "good" arm and vein were ready and raring to go.  But still no.  Well, I got about another half pint.  This time, the trouble was that my blood came out so slowly that it was clotting in my arm, in front of the needle.  Now, if your stomach turns easily, skip to the next item.  But if you enjoy the slow turning of a queasy stomach, imagine someone pulling a needle out of your arm with an 8 inch line of clotted blood connected to it.  Yep.  I was so disappointed.  So disappointed that I cried over the phone to my husband on the way home.  I just really wanted to be able to help out in this way.  However, the glass is half full, right?  I'm still not ready to give up.  And!  Big plus, the helpful people at the Red Cross informed me that if (knock on wood) I'm ever in an accident, my slow-flowing blood will be a big positive.  Anyhow, I'm going to give it one more try, in May, and let's all keep our fingers crossed that it goes smoothly.

29. & possibly 30. There's a new church in town, and we hope to try it out this Sunday.  I'm not sure if they have a service this week, but if they do, we'll be there.  And also, if it works out, I would like to gather my courage and try to sing, not only in public, but as a leader of the songs. Again, keep the fingers crossed.  I miss having a church family, and feeling involved with God.  

41.  The juggling is not going so well.  Turns out, the hand/eye coordination is not as good as I thought.  Someday!!

42.  Still using cloth napkins mostly, except when we get take out and they include paper napkins.  That being said, we do try to ask that they not put them in with our order.  Go us!

43.  COMPLETED!! We now have 10 reusable shopping bags that we try to remember to use every time.  I think the key is keeping some in my car, and keeping some in my husband's.  And then just grab one when you head into a store!

45.  We have stopped buying plastic water bottles.  The solution?  Reusable plastic bottles!  Shocking, I know.  We purchased two large plastic containers with spigots to keep full in the fridge (they take up 2/3 of the top shelf!) and for me to take to work and around, two much smaller reusable bottles (in pretty purple and pink).  I even took one of my reusable bottles on vacation recently.  I consider this one in progress still because it's a struggle to not just buy a bottle if I'm out and about and thirsty.  Still going...

46.  One down, two to go.

47.  Saving money is hard.  Really hard.  Especially when one has a tendency to shop due to stress, boredom... etc.  Same reasons I overeat.  Yikes.  Too deep, right?

49. COMPLETED!  Slowly, we work at getting rid of our debt.  Personal debt goes first, when it's this personal.

50. See # 47.

51.  This one's pretty interesting, actually.  I started the letter on February 1st, 2009.    Sometime soon after that, my husband and I began having very serious debates about whether or not we actually WANT to have children.  We decided no.  I'm going to continue writing that letter though.  I know my mind now, but I'm not naive enough to think that it will always be the same.  Right now, I can't imagine anything but all of the things I'd have to give up for a child.  Maybe someday it won't seem like I'm giving up anything.  

55.  Going strong.  I'd love to write more, but I've been very scatterbrained for the past few months.  Still trying.

56.  Only missed one month so far!  And my darling niece wrote a letter back to me (with help from her mom) AND she made me a beautiful bracelet!!  The card is still proudly displayed on my tv.  My main purpose with this one is to stay connected to these beautiful kids, especially with the physical distance of living across the state from them.

69. Visit Anna in London.  DONE!  Oh my God, I've been to England.  That being said, we didn't make it to visit any other countries while I was there, and that's my fault.  My whole life, I've had very bad bouts of homesickness.  Incapacitating homesickness.  Combine that with never having been that far and for so long from my husband, and my first 2 days in jolly old London were miserable.  I changed my plane ticket on day 3 and came home 6 days early.  I had a great time while I was there, with my sister, and meeting her fella, and just wandering around.  As a girl from rural Wisconsin, the transportation system was overwhelming at first,  but I eventually took the tube (subway) and buses by myself!  Even late at night!  I saw the President's motorcade.  I saw 4 green girls, and I saw where Anne Boleyn was beheaded.  I got to hang out with my sister, who is my best friend.  I miss her so much now, but I don't regret coming home early.  My husband, my other best friend, is too big a part of me to leave for that long.  We'll go back together someday.  For two weeks or more, but together.  

Here's Big Ben... my brotha.

This is me, pounding on the wall, desperate for some magic action.  Good times.

70.  I'm up to the letter I!  Only 2000 songs to go...

71. 26 VHSs left!  Some of them are going to be difficult because of their obscurity.  Also, Disney movies and that stinkin' Disney vault are getting on my last nerve.  Not really, but it's fun to complain.

75.  Still trying to find a hardcover copy of Joy in the Morning... Asked some guy about it in a book store in London, and he got lippy with me.  Ahh, the British.  The most politely rude people in the world.  

77.  Defying Gravity, Kerry Ellis.  My God, her voice is absolute heaven.

78.  59/286  I've decided not to update the titles because I've been reading so much.  However, I will keep updating my favorites.  Or at least update you on what I'm currently reading.  Right now, I'm reading the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld.  FANTASTIC!  I've only read the first book so far, but it was great.  

80. DONE!  Not only did I see Wicked, but I was able to treat my sister and her man to a show in LONDON.  There is something so cool about seeing a musical or play in a foreign place.  Yes, I could have caught it in Chicago, Minneapolis, or even Des Moines (and I will soon take my husband there!) but to see it in London at the Apollo Victoria was breathtaking.  The musical itself is truly inspiring.  It doesn't follow the book's story line exactly, but it's wonderful.  Kerry Ellis as Elphaba was breathtaking.  Her voice was so fantastic, I teared up during some of her songs.  I couldn't clap loud enough, and I'm looking forward to arguing with my father-in-law over who was better, Kerry Ellis or Idina Menzel... no contest.  

81.  Loved it, and they're now some of my favorite go-to books.  I'd just like to say that I'm not usually one with the trends.  But you say the word vampire, and I'm totally on board.  Ever since Lestat & Louis, and The Last Vampire series by Christopher Pike, I've been slightly obsessed with these immortal creatures.  

82.  Updated it just today!

83. 38 to go!  I've decided not to list these either, unless I love them so much it needs to be said.  The count changes a lot because sometimes we buy a movie that the husband's seen and I haven't, or vice versa.  Hard to keep a count.

88. 14 weeks down, a bunch to go.  Husby helped out when I was in London, many thanks to him for helping with my list!

90.  Not going well.  I like the computer, too much.  Will have to concentrate harder on this one.

There we have it!  Finally updated, and I really want to update more often.  I like to get it all out like this, it's therapeutic.  I hope you enjoy reading this, and thanks for listening.


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  1. good progress laura! i do have one plea for you- can you list what the goal for each number is? because i like to update on how you're doing but i don't remember what each number is and sometimes i get confused :(
    but seriously- good job. did you get my vegas postcard? ~alisa