Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I am a college grad!... now when is my degree going to get here???

Hello happy followers!

 I am a college graduate, as of June 9th. I came, I learned, I walked. I may have tripped a little... I mean, no, that wasn't me. I was completely graceful and elegant. Along with graduating from college (goodbye, #29!) I also can cross #63 off- spending the weekend in Chicago with my boys! 
 It was a wonderful time- lots of sightseeing, eating good food, and enjoying a break from the real world. We also managed to be right on Michigan Ave as the Chicago naked bike ride went by... that was an interesting experience. The leader of the group? An elderly gent on roller blades wearing only a g-string.

Anyhow- here's a picture of me to cleanse your mental imager.

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