Thursday, December 29, 2011

101 (Round 2) Update

Hello All... All 6 of you. :) I've been working my way through several things on my list, concentrating mostly on the simple things that help me, as a stay-at-home mom, stay connected with the world.

Starting from the top:

6. George and I have been walking at least once a week. Lately, it's been inside the mall, but only because it's so cold here! I think he likes it, he smiles at everyone!

10. I'll admit, I've been doing alright with this lately because I've had no time to waste! Between traveling, holidays, getting ready for a new quarter of school, and working on some projects at home, I'm tapped. Oh yeah... I've been watching the little man too. :)

24. Gotta love Facebook for this one! Instead of just writing a generic "happy birthday," I've been trying to include a memory, an inside joke, or a specific wish for my friends and family. I hope that they realize I'm thinking about them even if we haven't connected in a while.

26. I love this one! This year instead of buying St. Nick's presents for each other, we bought 6 ducks through World Vision. They will be headed to a family in need and used for eggs, meat, and breeding. It's amazing how little it takes to make a difference in someone's life. Next year, we're aiming for a whole menagerie!

29. I've officially registered for my last classes as a college student and I've applied for graduation. Wish me luck on getting everything done and wrapped up in time!

34. Easy way to use less paper towels? Stop buying them. Ta-da!

88. I love postcrossing! So far, I've sent 10 postcards around the world- to people in the US, China, Canada, Taiwan, Turkey, the Netherlands, and more! I've also received 8 cards from around the world. It's so cool getting to hear about other people and how they live. The cards are beautiful and often written in other languages... it makes a mailbox full of bills much more friendly!

94. I've completed 4 MUA swaps already, with 3 more in process... this is such a good way to recycle cosmetics. For me, it's all about the nail polish. I've traded 10 polishes that I didn't like/didn't wear for 23 polishes that I've wanted to try. Of course, not every swap works out like that, but I was getting rid of some high-end polishes... who needs 'em!

The best thing about having these goals is that a lot of them don't require much time, effort, or energy- all things I'm pretty short on right now. And finally, I leave you a picture that represents what happens when I have a spare moment. 'Til next time!


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