Monday, September 6, 2010

The 101 list: I continue to try!

Hello again!

Alrighty, let's dive in!

#18 Donating rice. I'm up to 163,390 grains! Wooo! Still a ways to go to get to 1,500,000. But I'll get there.

#30 Joining the church worship team. I DID! For a few glorious weeks, I was on the worship team. And then, insomnia hit and I had to cut out so many things because I was running on survival energy. I haven't re-joined yet. I don't know if I will. The insomnia kicked in after my first Sunday singing, and I carry just enough fear with me that getting back to my old life will mean having the insomnia kick back in. So, we'll put a pin in this one.

#31 Lifelong Learning classes. One down, one to go! I just completed Business Law for the Small Business Owner... maybe the next class I take will be more fun. :)

#32 COMPLETED! I did it! 3 quarters down! I completed my first full year of college! WOOOOOOO!

#52 Write a poem. I'm in a class called Making Poems this quarter, so I should have one soon. Whether or not I share it with the world is yet to be decided.

#55 Journaling. I have been really trying to write out my feelings and thoughts and not keep things bottled up. It's been at least once a week and it's helping.

#65 My 26th birthday was one week before my brother's wedding in Chicago. So, any plans to go to Great America got back-burnered while money and travel got directed to the wedding. WORTH IT! Here's a couple of pics from that weekend:

Aren't they adorable?! Forgive my brother's expression, he tends to look like a sad camel when taking pictures. But there is no denying the happiness!

#74 See The Weepies in concert. Possibly the most exciting thing to happen this year!!!! I've loved the Weepies for at least 5 years now, and up until this year, they have never toured. They would play a couple of shows in California but nowhere accessible to me. UNTIL NOW! They will be at the High Noon Saloon in Madison next month, and I will be there. Hopefully, in the front row. And hopefully, I will meet them. And fawn over them. And get their autographs. Fingers crossed!!

#77 Ah, music. I love you so. So, The Runaways have been a big listen for me lately. It's so good and raw and powerful. I especially like Queens of Noise and Born to be Bad. What else? Tuesday's Gone. SKYNYRD! And the Weepies new album, Be My Thrill, especially the title track. Never limit yourself to one kind of music! There's so much good out there!

#83 Haha, movies. According to my last update, I only have 16 left to watch... well, we got some new movies, so now I have 20 more to see. And I've watched 8 others in the last few days. So, I'm working on it!

#87 The dollhouse. All that's left is getting furniture and decor. It's all wallpapered and the stairs are in! It's so pretty.

I've got a couple of pieces of furniture. I black hutch in the kitchen (like the one in my dining room), and a gumball machine, and a turquoise chair (like the one in my craft room). I've got lots of ideas. Less money. :)

#88 Still brushing the cat every week... she's a bit crazy about it and likes to rub her gums on the comb. Little weirdo.

#94 Tried wearing false eyelashes... slight allergy to the glue. Oh, well.

#100 The Kolos. My dad's side of the family. We don't get to see them often, we live on opposite sides of the state. But I got to sit and talk to my Uncle Dale and Aunt Gail at my brother's wedding. And it was delightful! It's so nice to catch up and hear about everyone and just to talk to them. It was a great time!

And that's about it for now... I may not be writing often or well, but I haven't given up on my list! And I won't! What I don't finish gets moved to the next list. Wink. :)



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  1. :) I use to lead worship. I did it for over 3 and 1/2 years. I at that time had been going through a NOT sleeping time and that was about 10 years ago or more. I'm just not doing a little better.
    Happy 26th birthday. I have two songs ages 30 and 27. :)
    Enjoy your week,