Sunday, January 10, 2010

Just as Promised... More details!

I'm back, 30 seconds after my last post!

January 2nd started the 2nd year of my 101 list. Looking over the last year (which for some reason, I've had a bugger of a time remembering), I feel pretty good. I've finished 24 of the 101 goals, and have made progress on another 32. For those of you counting, that's more than half the list! I have a ways to go yet, but the beauty of the list is that it isn't about knocking off as many items as you can. It's about the journey, and adapting, and discovering things about yourself.

Technically, because I haven't started some of these things, I won't be able to finish them. Yeah, that bums me out a bit, but I'm doing so many new things that I'm not obsessed with what I'm not going to finish. And not just things on the list! Things that I'm no longer afraid to try. As it turns out, most of me doesn't give a crap about what other people think. Also fun: because of the different things I spend my time on, I'm getting quite an eclectic reputation. WOOO! Thought I'd have to go many more years before that happened.

Anyhow. Here's a few of the things I'm really going to be working on this year:

Numbers 1, 2, 5, 7, and 14. Health! Fitness! 2010 is going to be a year to find my shape again, and then try to get back into it. I'm so tired of not having energy, of feeling so BIG, of being uncomfortable in my own skin. That pretty much says it all.

#18- Donating rice! I'm just over 1/10 of the way to my goal... need to STEP.IT.UP.

We have found a wonderful church home at Hope Community Church. Since the first time we stepped into the building, we've been welcomed with open arms. Everyone is kind, and we've met a lot of people our age. It's really cool. And that leads us to number 30, attempting to join the worship team. Hold on to your underwear- I sing in church on the team for the first time on January 31st. AHHHHHH! Am I nervous? Yep. Very? Yep.

Feeling really good about how school is going so far. I'm in my second quarter at DePaul, and I'm going to school full time for the first time ever! I expect it to be difficult, but I'm looking ahead to the eventual rewards.

Anything financial- paying down debt and working on saving!!!!

Travel: I would love nothing more than to accomplish numbers 59 & 60. I hope to, by the end of this year, visit my brother in D.C. and take a day trip to New York City while there.

I'm less than 60 books away from finishing number 78. When I've read all 286, I'll be doing a post on just what I've read, and what is good, and what you should skip. Teaser: Don't bother reading the new Cloris Leachman autobiography. She's funny in movies and such, but a total drag to read. Plus, I don't want to know who she's slept with. Sadly, I do know now.

#83 Finish watching the movies we have that I haven't seen yet!!! 16 to go.

One my husband and I have been working a lot on is number 87: refurbishing my dollhouse. We've re-shingled (except that we ran out of them when we only needed about 15 more... working on that), and put in two new windows and a new door! I also have my first piece of furniture; a little turquoise chair that I painted, which will eventually go in the craft room of the dollhouse.

Finally, I'm going to be attempting to limit my computer time and make more of an effort to reach out to my cousins.

So there you go! A look ahead at what I'll be trying in the new year. I encourage all of you to embrace whatever goals you have and be a little fearless this year as well. God bless!


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